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Rabbi Doug is the producer and host of T.V.'s "TAPED WITH RABBI DOUG", a weekly television show in Illinois, shown throughout the Chicagoland area. The show airs in the city of Chicago and the suburbs on Cable T.V. and worldwide on the web. You can click here for tvrabbi.com -the "TAPED WITH RABBI DOUG" webpage which contains information on schedules, airing times, and stations in many communities. For other cable companies and areas not listed, please check your local TV/Cable listings for stations, times, and days. If you have any questions or comments about the show, you can also email Rabbi Doug.....

Rabbi Doug is congregational Rabbi of Kehilat Or Menorah on the north side of the city, in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. The West Rogers Park, neighborhood in Chicago , has an Eruv and there are many Kosher restaurants and stores as well as Yeshivot and Synagogues within walking distance. If you would like more information drop Rabbi Doug some e-mail.....

Rabbi Doug also is a Kashruth Supervisor, certifying and supervising kosher food production in numerous locations, and does work as a Mashgiach for the O.U. and for the Kof-K, the O.K. and locally for over 35 years with The Chicago Rabbinical Council - cRc, a universally recognized Beth Din and Rabbinical organization in Chicago which supervises Kosher products, restaurants, hotels, stores, butchers, bakeries, factories etc. If you have any Kashruth questions, feel free to e-mail them to Rabbi Doug

Rabbi Doug is also a healthcare advocate. He is hospice chaplain and care coordinator for Life Choice Hospice & Palliative Care and he is an advocate for Accurate Care Home Health. If you are interested in exploring hospice care or palliative care as a possibility for someone in your family or have questions about home health care, please contact Rabbi Doug. He also makes chaplain visits regularly as a CPE certified hospital chaplain at many local hospitals, nursing homes, & retirement homes, and sees patients throughout the Chicagoland area. Rabbi Doug is endorsed by, and a member of the Chicago Board of Rabbis, The IRF - International Rabbinic Fellowship of Orthodox Rabbis, AIPAC, Satnd With US, and other Rabbinic and Professional organizations. If you know someone that needs a chaplain or or Rabbi to visit them or rabbinic life cycle services, please drop Rabbi Doug an e-mail.....

Rabbi Doug has been teaching special ed. and Jewish Studies for many years. He is currently a part-time substitute teacher in the Chicago area Jewish Day Schools affiliated with the Associated Talmud Torahs of Chicago. Rabbi Doug also tutors and gives Bar Mitzvah lessons. If you know someone in need of tutoring or would like more information, feel free to e-mail Rabbi Doug.....


Besides seeing Rabbi Doug on his weekly T.V. show "TAPED with... Rabbi Doug", Rabbi Doug can also be heard as a frequent guest on "The Steve Dahl Show", "The Garry Meier Show" and "The Pete McMurray Radio Show" and on "The John Records Landecker Show" as well as some evenings on "The Torah Radio Network" WNWI 1080 AM and many other local radio and TV shows in Chicago.....

Rabbi Doug does professional video production. Have your Wedding, Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah celebration, Party, Meeting, or Event, turned into a lifelong memory on DVD or Videotape with introductions, music, picture drop-ins, and credits, produced professionally for much less than others charge. We also produce video montages for your celebrations or events. Rabbi Doug's Video Production is produced with the same quality equipment and experience used to produce Rabbi Doug's popular weekly television show. E-mail Rabbi Doug for quotes and more information!

Rabbi Doug also does computer consulting. He fixes and upgrades computers and does web page design at very low prices. Rabbi Doug can also create a professional looking homepage for you or your business, publish it on the web, and set up a personalized web address for you!! For more information click here for Doug's Web Design Page, or if you are interested in a quote, please e-mail Rabbi Doug with your request.

Rabbi Doug is available to officiate at Weddings, Funerals, Dedications,
Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah Ceremonies, Baby Naming Ceremonies,
and Rabbi Doug will help you arrange a bris and name your baby there.

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